• Oct 19, 2023

  • J.K. Motors

The Classic J.K. Motors Porsche 928 S4: A Midsize Car with Powerful Performance

J.K. Motors has been known for producing high-quality vehicles for years, and one of their most iconic models is the Porsche 928 S4. This midsize car, manufactured in 1993, boasts a powerful rear-wheel drive system that is perfect for driving enthusiasts. Under the hood, the Porsche 928 S4 is equipp...

  • Oct 13, 2023

  • J.K. Motors

The J.K. Motors BMW635CSI: A Classic Midsize Car with Rear-Wheel Drive

The J.K. Motors BMW635CSI is a classic midsize car that boasts a powerful engine and rear-wheel drive. Produced in 1992, this car is a great choice for those who appreciate classic cars with a sporty feel.The BMW635CSI is powered by a 3.4-liter 6-cylinder engine that runs on regular gasoline. It has...