The Volkswagen Jetta 1990: A Compact Car That's Easy on the Wallet

The Volkswagen Jetta 1990 is a compact car that was ahead of its time. It has front-wheel drive and a 4-cylinder engine with a displacement of 1.6 liters, making it fuel-efficient and easy on the wallet. The diesel fuel type and manual 5-speed transmission make it even more cost-effective. The Jetta 1990 is a great option for those looking for a reliable and affordable car.

In terms of size class, the Jetta 1990 falls under the category of compact cars. It has a combined MPG for fuel type of 34, with a city MPG of 31 and a highway MPG of 39. The annual petroleum consumption is 10.505735294117647, making it an efficient vehicle that won't break the bank. The annual fuel cost for the diesel fuel type is only $2050, which means that you'll save $250 per year compared to other vehicles in its class.

The Jetta 1990 has an EPA model type index of 59014, which is a testament to its efficiency and affordability. It has a CO2 tailpipe for fuel type of 299.4117647058824, which is lower than other vehicles in its class. The Jetta 1990 is also environmentally friendly, with a PHEV blended score of false and a GHG score of none.

While the Jetta 1990 doesn't have any fancy features like start-stop or T charger, it does have everything you need for a reliable and affordable car. It has a range of 0, but it's not a problem for those who don't need to travel long distances. The city electricity consumption is 0.0, combined electricity consumption is 0.0, and highway electricity consumption is 0.0.

If you're in the market for a compact car that's easy on the wallet, the Volkswagen Jetta 1990 is a great option. With its fuel-efficient diesel engine, manual 5-speed transmission, and low annual fuel cost, it's a reliable and affordable car that won't disappoint.