The Suzuki Equator 2WD: A Small Pickup Truck that Packs a Punch in Fuel Efficiency

When it comes to small pickup trucks, the Suzuki Equator 2WD is a great option for those who prioritize fuel efficiency. The 2011 model boasts a rear-wheel drive and a 4-cylinder engine with 2.5L displacement, running on regular gasoline. The automatic 5-spd transmission makes for smooth driving, and its vehicle size class as a small pickup truck 2WD makes it a practical choice for those who need a truck for work or personal use.

But what really sets the Suzuki Equator 2WD apart is its impressive fuel efficiency. With a combined mpg of 19 and city/highway mpg of 17/22, this small truck is a great option for those who want to save on gas. The annual petroleum consumption is 15.65842105263158, and the Co2 tailpipe for fuel type is 467.7368421052632. The annual fuel cost for fuel type is also reasonable at $3050, making it a cost-effective option for those who use their truck frequently.

In terms of its environmental impact, the Suzuki Equator 2WD scores well with its Co2 fuel type of -1 and EPA model type index of 85. While it does not have data for its MPG data, PHEV blended, ATV type, EPA fuel economy score, GHG score, start-stop, T charger, city electricity consumption, combined electricity consumption, highway electricity consumption, range, range city, range highway, electric motor, or MFR coder, it still holds up well in terms of fuel efficiency and environmental consciousness.

Overall, the Suzuki Equator 2WD is a great option for those who want a small pickup truck that is fuel-efficient, practical, and cost-effective. Its impressive fuel efficiency and reasonable annual fuel cost make it a smart choice for those who want to save on gas and reduce their environmental impact.