The Powerful Porsche Carrera 4 S Coupe: A Minicompact Car with Impressive Features

Porsche has long been known for producing high-performance sports cars, and the Carrera 4 S Coupe is no exception. This 2007 model year vehicle is equipped with a 6-cylinder engine with a displacement of 3.8 liters, making it a powerful machine on the road. The Carrera 4 S Coupe comes with four-wheel or all-wheel drive, giving you the stability and control you need for a thrilling driving experience.

The Carrera 4 S Coupe is classified as a minicompact car, but don't let its size fool you. It's packed with impressive features, making it a popular choice for car enthusiasts. The manual 6-speed transmission allows for a more engaging driving experience, while the premium gasoline fuel type ensures top-notch performance.

While the Carrera 4 S Coupe may not be the most fuel-efficient car on the market, it still manages to get a combined 18 mpg for its fuel type. It has an annual petroleum consumption of 16.5 gallons and a CO2 tailpipe emission of 493.7 grams per mile. It's important to note that the annual fuel cost for this vehicle is $4,000, which is on the higher end.

Despite the high fuel cost, the Carrera 4 S Coupe is still a great choice for those who value performance over fuel efficiency. It has a range of features that make it stand out from other minicompact cars, such as its start-stop technology and electric motor. The vehicle also has impressive acceleration and top speeds, reaching 0-60 mph in just 4.3 seconds and a top speed of 182 mph.

Overall, the Porsche Carrera 4 S Coupe is a powerful and impressive car that's perfect for those who love a thrilling driving experience. Its minicompact size and high-end features make it a standout choice in its class.