The Powerful and Luxurious 2010 BMW 750Li: A Rear-Wheel Drive Masterpiece

  • Oct 19, 2023

  • BMW

The 2010 BMW 750Li is a prime example of the German automaker's commitment to luxury and performance. With a sleek exterior design and a powerful engine under the hood, this large car offers an impressive driving experience.

The 750Li is equipped with a rear-wheel drive system and an eight-cylinder engine with a displacement of 4.4 liters. The fuel type recommended for this vehicle is premium gasoline, and it has an automatic transmission with six speeds.

In terms of size, the 750Li belongs to the large cars class. It has a combined MPG of 17, with 14 MPG in the city and 21 MPG on the highway. The annual petroleum consumption is approximately 17.5 barrels, with a CO2 tailpipe emissions level of 522.76 grams per mile.

The 750Li also boasts a number of features that enhance its performance and driving experience. It has an EPA model type index of 751, which indicates that it is a high-performance vehicle. The T charger and charge at 240V options allow for faster and more efficient charging times.

In terms of cost and savings, the 750Li has an annual fuel cost of $4,200 and a You Save/Spend value of -$10,500. While the initial cost of the vehicle may be high, the overall savings in fuel costs and efficiency make it a worthwhile investment.

Overall, the 2010 BMW 750Li is a luxurious and powerful vehicle that offers an exceptional driving experience. Its combination of performance, design, and features make it a standout in its class.