The Land Rover Range Rover Velar P340 MHEV: A Small SUV with Big Performance

The Land Rover Range Rover Velar P340 MHEV is a small sport utility vehicle 4WD that packs a punch when it comes to performance. With its 4-wheel drive and 6 cylinders, this SUV is a force to be reckoned with on the road. The 2021 model year offers even more features and improvements, making it an exciting option for SUV enthusiasts.

Under the hood, the Velar P340 MHEV boasts a 3.0 engine displacement and runs on premium gasoline. The automatic transmission (S8) makes for a smooth ride, and the start-stop feature helps with fuel efficiency. Speaking of fuel efficiency, the EPA fuel economy score is 4, and the combined mpg for this fuel type is 22. The annual petroleum consumption is 13.52318181818182, and the annual fuel cost for this fuel type is $3,250.

The Land Rover Range Rover Velar P340 MHEV also offers hybrid capabilities with its 48V Li-Ion electric motor. However, it is not a PHEV blended vehicle, so it does not have the ability to charge at 240v or have significant electric range. The city electricity consumption, combined electricity consumption, and highway electricity consumption are all 0.0, and the range, range city, and range highway are also 0.0.

When it comes to emissions, the Co2 fuel type and Co2 tailpipe for fuel type both measure at 399.0, and the GHG score is 4. The EPA model type index is 566.

The interior of the Land Rover Range Rover Velar P340 MHEV is spacious and luxurious, with a sleek design and high-quality materials. The base model is the Range Rover, and the MFR coder is JLX. The vehicle size class is small SUV 4WD.

Overall, the Land Rover Range Rover Velar P340 MHEV is a powerful and impressive SUV that offers hybrid capabilities and a luxurious interior. It is a great option for those who want a small SUV with big performance.