The Land Rover Discovery: A Durable and Powerful 4x4 SUV

The Land Rover Discovery is a legendary 4x4 SUV that has been a favorite among outdoor enthusiasts and off-road adventurers for decades. The 1997 model year Discovery is a testament to the brand's commitment to durability, power, and versatility.

Under the hood, the Discovery is powered by an 8-cylinder 4.0-liter engine that delivers 182 horsepower. It is paired with a 5-speed manual transmission and offers either 4-wheel or all-wheel drive. This combination provides exceptional off-road capability and a smooth ride on the highway.

The Discovery's fuel type is premium gasoline, with an annual petroleum consumption of 22.9 miles per gallon. In the city, it gets an average of 11 miles per gallon, while on the highway, it gets 16 miles per gallon. The CO2 tailpipe for fuel type is 683.62, and the combined miles per gallon for fuel type is 13.

The Land Rover Discovery is a special purpose vehicle, which means it has a unique design that is tailored for specific tasks. It has a spacious cabin that can accommodate up to seven passengers comfortably, making it ideal for family trips and outdoor adventures.

In terms of safety, the Discovery is equipped with standard features such as anti-lock brakes, traction control, and front airbags. It also has a GHG score and an EPA fuel economy score, which makes it an environmentally friendly option.

The Land Rover Discovery has a base model of Discovery, and it comes with a range of features such as power windows, power locks, and power mirrors. It also has a start-stop system, a T charger, and a range of up to 0 miles.

Overall, the Land Rover Discovery is a durable and powerful 4x4 SUV that offers exceptional off-road capability and a comfortable ride on the highway. It is a versatile vehicle that can handle any task, making it an excellent choice for outdoor enthusiasts and families alike.