The Ford E150 Club Wagon: A Reliable Passenger Van for Your Business Needs

If you're in need of a reliable passenger van for your business, look no further than the Ford E150 Club Wagon. This 1998 model boasts a rear-wheel drive and 6 cylinders, with an engine displacement of 4.2 and fuel type of regular gasoline. The automatic 4-spd transmission makes for smooth driving, while the vehicle size class of vans, passenger type provides ample space for all your passengers.

With a combined mpg of 14 and highway mpg of 17, the E150 Club Wagon is an efficient choice for your business needs. It also has an annual petroleum consumption of 21.250714285714285, making it an environmentally-friendly option as well. Plus, with a co2 tailpipe for fuel type of 634.7857142857143, you can trust that this van is doing its part to reduce emissions.

In terms of cost, the E150 Club Wagon is a great value. You can save over $10,000 compared to other similar models, with an annual fuel cost of only $4150. This makes it an affordable choice for small business owners who need to transport their clients or employees.

While the E150 Club Wagon may not have all the bells and whistles of newer models, it is a reliable and practical choice for your business needs. It may not have electric motor or start-stop features, but it gets the job done and is built to last.

In conclusion, if you're looking for a reliable and affordable passenger van for your business needs, the Ford E150 Club Wagon is an excellent choice. With its efficiency, spaciousness, and affordability, it is sure to meet all your transportation needs.