The Classic Federal Coach Lincoln 100J: A Look into its Specifications

The Federal Coach Lincoln 100J is a classic car that has been around since 1995. This large car model has a rear-wheel drive and is powered by an 8-cylinder engine with a displacement of 4.6. It runs on regular gasoline and has an automatic 4-speed transmission.

Looking into its fuel efficiency, the Lincoln 100J has a combined mpg of 16, with 14 mpg for city driving and 20 mpg for highway driving. Its annual petroleum consumption is at 18.594375, and it emits 555.4375 grams of CO2 per mile for tailpipe emissions.

The Federal Coach Lincoln 100J's size class is classified as a large car. It has an EPA model type index of 22701 and a negative CO2 rating for fuel type. The annual fuel cost is estimated at $3650, with a savings of $7750 compared to the average annual fuel cost for other vehicles of the same model year.

As for its other features, the Lincoln 100J does not have any electric motor, start-stop, T charger, or range capacity. It also does not have any data on its MPG, PHEV blended, ATV type, EPA fuel economy score, GHG score, or whether it can be charged at 240v.

Despite its lack of modern features, the Federal Coach Lincoln 100J remains a classic car that exudes a certain charm and appeal. Its classic design and powerful engine make it a sought-after model for car enthusiasts and collectors alike.