The Classic 1986 Dodge D100/D150 Pickup 2WD: A Truck for the Ages

The 1986 Dodge D100/D150 Pickup 2WD is a classic American truck that represents the best of the era. This rear-wheel drive truck was built to last and is still cherished by many today. With its powerful 8-cylinder engine that boasts 5.9 liters of displacement, it could handle any task with ease.

The D100/D150 Pickup 2WD was a standard pickup truck and was designed to be both tough and stylish. Its exterior was sleek and rugged with a classic look that still turns heads today. This truck was made for people who wanted reliability and durability in their vehicle, and it delivered on both fronts.

With a manual 4-speed transmission, the D100/D150 Pickup 2WD put the driver in control. It had a combined fuel efficiency rating of 11 mpg and a highway mpg rating of 13, making it a gas guzzler by today's standards but reasonable for its time. The annual fuel cost for this truck was $5,300, which was comparable to other trucks in its class.

One of the most impressive features of the D100/D150 Pickup 2WD was its towing capacity. It could haul up to 6,800 pounds, making it an ideal work truck for those in the construction or farming industries. The truck was also equipped with a spacious bed, allowing for the transportation of large items with ease.

The 1986 Dodge D100/D150 Pickup 2WD was not without its flaws, however. It had a city mpg rating of only 10 and emitted 807.9 grams of CO2 per mile. This truck was not designed with fuel efficiency in mind and was not a good option for those who were environmentally conscious.

Despite its flaws, the D100/D150 Pickup 2WD remains a classic truck that is still cherished by many today. Its reliability, durability, and towing capacity make it a popular choice for those in need of a sturdy work truck. While it may not be the most fuel-efficient option on the market, it is a testament to the era in which it was built and the values that were important to those who owned it.