The 2023 Genesis G90 MHEV: A Powerful and Eco-Friendly Luxury Car

Are you in the market for a new luxury car that is both powerful and eco-friendly? Look no further than the 2023 Genesis G90 MHEV. This stunning vehicle boasts an impressive all-wheel drive and a powerful 6-cylinder engine with a displacement of 3.5. But what sets it apart is its hybrid technology that uses a 45V Li-Ion electric motor to reduce its environmental impact.

The G90 MHEV's fuel efficiency is also impressive, with a combined mpg of 20 and an annual petroleum consumption of only 14.8755. And with its start-stop technology, the car is designed to save you money on fuel costs, with an estimated annual fuel cost of only $3,600.

But the G90 MHEV doesn't sacrifice luxury for eco-friendliness. This large car comes packed with features such as an automatic transmission (S8), premium gasoline fuel type, and a GHG score of 4. The vehicle size class is also a large car, making it perfect for those who enjoy a spacious and comfortable ride.

The 2023 Genesis G90 MHEV also boasts impressive safety features, including a GHG score of 4 and an EPA fuel economy score of 4. With its hybrid technology, the G90 MHEV is designed to be both powerful and safe, making it an excellent choice for families and individuals alike.

In terms of cost, the G90 MHEV is a bit more expensive than some of its competitors, with a You Save/Spend value of -7500. However, for those looking for a powerful and eco-friendly luxury car, the G90 MHEV is well worth the investment.