The 2021 Genesis GV80 RWD: A Luxury SUV with Impressive Fuel Efficiency

The 2021 Genesis GV80 RWD is a small sport utility vehicle that packs a punch. It boasts a 2.5 liter 4-cylinder engine with rear-wheel drive and an automatic transmission (S8). But what sets this luxury SUV apart is its impressive fuel efficiency.

According to EPA estimates, the GV80 RWD gets 21 city MPG and 25 highway MPG for premium gasoline fuel type, with a combined MPG of 23. This translates to an annual petroleum consumption of 12.94 barrels, and an annual fuel cost of $3,100. Additionally, the GV80 RWD has a CO2 emissions score of 394, and a GHG score of 5.

One noteworthy feature of the GV80 RWD is its start-stop system, which helps to conserve fuel by automatically shutting down the engine when the vehicle is idling. This system is indicated by the "Y" value in the Start-Stop parameter.

Another feature that may be of interest to environmentally conscious buyers is the T Charger and Charge at 240v parameters. While the GV80 RWD does not have an electric motor, these parameters indicate that it is compatible with Level 2 charging stations, which can reduce charging time and improve efficiency for hybrid and electric vehicles.

In terms of cost savings, the You Save/Spend parameter for the GV80 RWD is listed as -$5,000. This indicates that the vehicle is more expensive than the average new vehicle, but may save owners money in the long run due to its fuel efficiency.

Overall, the 2021 Genesis GV80 RWD is a luxury SUV that offers impressive fuel efficiency without sacrificing performance or style.