The 2014 Ford E250 Van FFV: A Reliable Cargo Vehicle for Your Business Needs

If you're looking for a reliable cargo vehicle for your business, the 2014 Ford E250 Van FFV might just be the right choice for you. This rear-wheel drive van is equipped with a powerful V8 engine with a displacement of 5.4 liters, making it capable of carrying heavy loads with ease. The automatic 4-speed transmission provides smooth shifting, ensuring a comfortable ride for the driver and passengers.

The 2014 Ford E250 Van FFV has a fuel type of regular gasoline, with a combined MPG of 14. Although it may not be the most fuel-efficient cargo vehicle out there, it makes up for it with its impressive towing and payload capabilities. The cargo area is spacious, providing ample room for your business needs.

The EPA fuel economy score for this vehicle is 2, with a GHG score of 2. It also has a range of 0 miles, with no electric motor or charging capabilities. The city MPG for this vehicle is 12, while the highway MPG is 16.

In terms of annual fuel cost, the 2014 Ford E250 Van FFV has a fuel cost of $4,150 and an annual petroleum consumption of 21.25 gallons. The CO2 emissions for this vehicle are 645 g/mi for both fuel type and tailpipe.

Despite its lack of advanced features, the 2014 Ford E250 Van FFV is a reliable and durable cargo vehicle that can handle your business needs with ease. Its base model, the E250 Van, is designed for commercial use, making it a popular choice for businesses in need of a reliable cargo van.