The 2011 Lincoln Town Car FFV: A Luxury Car with Impressive Fuel Efficiency

The 2011 Lincoln Town Car FFV, a large car with rear-wheel drive, is a luxury vehicle that boasts impressive fuel efficiency. With a 4.6-liter engine and 8 cylinders, this car offers a smooth and powerful ride. Its automatic 4-spd transmission ensures quick and effortless gear shifts.

Fuel economy is a major consideration for many car buyers, and the Town Car FFV delivers in this regard. It runs on regular gasoline and has an annual petroleum consumption of 15.65842105263158, which is on the lower end for a large car. Its city mpg for fuel type is 16, while its highway mpg for fuel type is 24, resulting in a combined mpg for fuel type of 19. This means that the car is fuel-efficient both in city and highway driving conditions.

The Town Car FFV has a CO2 tailpipe for fuel type of 467.7368421052632 and a GHG score of None. Its annual fuel cost for fuel type is $3050, which is reasonable for a luxury car. The car has an EPA model type index of 75 and a You Save/Spend of -4750, indicating that it is a good investment in terms of fuel efficiency and cost savings.

The car's electric features are not its main selling point, but they are worth mentioning. The Town Car FFV is not a PHEV and does not have a start-stop system, T Charger, or electric motor. Its electricity consumption is also minimal, with a city electricity consumption, combined electricity consumption, and highway electricity consumption of 0.0. However, the car can be charged at 240v, which is a useful feature for those who want to maximize its electric capabilities.

In terms of range, the Town Car FFV has a range of 0 and a range city and range highway of 0.0. This is not surprising given that the car is not primarily an electric vehicle. Its ATV type is FFV and its MFR Coder and base model are None and Town Car, respectively.

Overall, the 2011 Lincoln Town Car FFV is a luxury car that offers impressive fuel efficiency and a smooth ride. Its fuel economy, annual fuel cost, and CO2 tailpipe for fuel type are all noteworthy features that make it a great investment for those who want a large car that is both powerful and fuel-efficient.