The 2008 Kia Sorento 4WD: A Powerful SUV with Efficient Fuel Consumption

  • Oct 16, 2023

  • Kia

If you are looking for a powerful SUV that can take you anywhere, the 2008 Kia Sorento 4WD is an excellent choice. This SUV is equipped with a 3.8 liter 6-cylinder engine that delivers 262 horsepower and 260 lb-ft of torque, making it perfect for towing and off-road adventures. Additionally, the Sorento 4WD comes with a 5-speed automatic transmission that provides smooth and responsive shifts.

One of the most impressive features of the 2008 Kia Sorento 4WD is its fuel efficiency. This SUV has a combined fuel economy rating of 17 mpg, which is impressive for a vehicle of its size and power. In the city, the Sorento 4WD gets 15 mpg, while on the highway, it can achieve up to 20 mpg.

The Sorento 4WD also has a low annual petroleum consumption rate of 17.5 barrels per year, which means you can save money on gas without sacrificing performance. Additionally, the vehicle's CO2 tailpipe emissions are relatively low at 522.76 grams per mile, making it an eco-friendly option.

In terms of size class, the 2008 Kia Sorento 4WD is classified as a Sport Utility Vehicle - 4WD, which means it has plenty of room for passengers and cargo. The SUV can comfortably seat up to five adults and has a maximum cargo capacity of 66.4 cubic feet when the rear seats are folded down.

While the Sorento 4WD does not have the most advanced features when it comes to technology and safety, it does come equipped with standard features such as air conditioning, power windows and locks, and a six-speaker audio system. Additionally, the vehicle has a solid safety rating, with an overall rating of four out of five stars from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Overall, the 2008 Kia Sorento 4WD is a powerful and capable SUV that offers impressive fuel efficiency and a comfortable ride. Whether you're heading off-road or cruising through the city, the Sorento 4WD is a reliable and practical choice.