The 2007 Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder: A Fun and Efficient Ride

The 2007 Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder is a sleek and stylish convertible that combines fun and efficiency in one package. With its front-wheel drive and 6 cylinders, the Eclipse Spyder is a powerful car that can reach high speeds with ease. Its engine displacement of 3.8 liters and fuel type of premium gasoline make it a bit expensive to run, but its annual petroleum consumption of 15.7 gallons per 100 miles is still quite reasonable for a sports car.

The Eclipse Spyder's transmission is automatic with 5 speeds, which means that you can enjoy a smooth and effortless ride. Its minicompact size class makes it easy to maneuver in tight spaces, while its impressive combined MPG of 19 and highway MPG of 24 ensure that you won't have to stop for gas too often.

In terms of environmental impact, the Eclipse Spyder has a CO2 tailpipe emission rating of 467.7 grams per mile, which is on the higher side. However, it has a GHG score and EPA fuel economy score of "none", which means that it has not been rated for these factors.

One of the best things about the Eclipse Spyder is its price. According to the data, you can save up to $8,250 compared to the average new vehicle over 5 years. Its annual fuel cost is estimated to be $3,750, which is also quite reasonable for a car of its class.

Overall, the 2007 Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder is a great choice for anyone who wants a fun and efficient ride. Its combination of power, speed, and fuel efficiency make it a great value for its price.