The 2007 Mazda B3000: A Standard Pickup Truck with Rear-Wheel Drive

The 2007 Mazda B3000 is a standard pickup truck that boasts a rear-wheel drive and a 6-cylinder engine with a displacement of 3.0 liters. It is powered by regular gasoline and has a manual 5-speed transmission. The vehicle falls under the vehicle size class of standard pickup trucks 2WD.

Although it may not be the most advanced pickup truck in the market, the Mazda B3000 is a reliable and durable vehicle that can get the job done. It has a combined MPG of 18, with 16 MPG in the city and 21 MPG on the highway. The annual petroleum consumption is 16.5 gallons, with a CO2 tailpipe emission of 493.7 grams per mile.

One interesting thing to note is that the EPA model type index of the Mazda B3000 is 0, which means that it is not required to meet any specific emissions standards. However, it still has an annual fuel cost of $3,250, which is slightly higher than average for its class.

In terms of financials, the Mazda B3000 has a negative "you save/spend" value of -$5,750, which means that it costs more to own and maintain over a 5-year period compared to the average new vehicle. This is largely due to the fact that it has limited fuel efficiency and lacks certain advanced features that newer pickup trucks have.

Overall, the Mazda B3000 is a solid choice for those who need a reliable pickup truck for basic tasks. It may not have all the bells and whistles of newer models, but it is a workhorse that can get the job done.