The 2005 Nissan Xterra 4WD: A Powerful and Reliable SUV for Adventure Seekers

For adventure seekers who crave a powerful and reliable SUV, the 2005 Nissan Xterra 4WD is an excellent choice. With its 4-wheel or all-wheel drive, 6 cylinders, 4.0 engine displacement, and manual 6-spd transmission, this SUV is built to handle any terrain.

Not only does the Xterra 4WD offer exceptional performance, but it also boasts impressive fuel efficiency. With a combined MPG of 17, city MPG of 15, and highway MPG of 19, it's an excellent choice for those who want to save on fuel costs. The annual petroleum consumption is 17.500588235294117, and the annual fuel cost for regular gasoline is 3400.

The Xterra 4WD is classified as a sport utility vehicle - 4WD, which means it's designed to handle off-road adventures. It has a Co2 tailpipe for fuel type of 522.7647058823529, and it's a PHEV blended vehicle. The EPA model type index is 0, and the GHG score is none.

In terms of comfort and convenience, the Xterra 4WD doesn't disappoint. It has a spacious interior with enough room for five passengers. The base model is Xterra, and there's no T charger or start-stop feature. However, it does have a range of 0, which means it can handle long-distance trips without any issues.

One of the best things about the Xterra 4WD is that it's affordable. It has a You Save/Spend of -6500, which means you'll save money in the long run. Whether you're planning a camping trip or a weekend getaway, the Xterra 4WD is a versatile and reliable SUV that won't break the bank.