The 2005 Hyundai Accent/Brio: A Compact Car with Impressive Fuel Economy

If you're in the market for a compact car that won't break the bank at the pump, the 2005 Hyundai Accent/Brio is worth considering. This model year of the Accent/Brio boasts a front-wheel drive system, a 1.6 engine displacement, and a manual 5-spd transmission. It's powered by regular gasoline and has a four-cylinder engine.

One of the standout features of the 2005 Accent/Brio is its impressive fuel economy. According to EPA data, this vehicle gets an average of 27 miles per gallon (MPG) combined, with 25 MPG in the city and 30 MPG on the highway. This translates to an annual petroleum consumption of 11.018888888888888 gallons and an estimated annual fuel cost of $2,150.

The 2005 Accent/Brio also has relatively low CO2 emissions. It has a CO2 tailpipe for fuel type of 329.14814814814815 and a CO2 fuel type rating of -1, indicating that it produces less emissions than the average vehicle in its class.

In terms of size class, the 2005 Accent/Brio falls into the compact car category. It has a combined MPG for fuel type of 27 and an EPA model type index of 0.

While the 2005 Accent/Brio doesn't have any particularly flashy features, it's a solid choice for anyone looking for an affordable and fuel-efficient compact car. Its annual fuel cost is lower than the average for its class, and its CO2 emissions are on the lower end as well.