The 2003 MINI Cooper: A Fun and Efficient Minicompact Car

The 2003 MINI Cooper is a front-wheel drive minicompact car that offers a fun and efficient driving experience. With a 1.6L 4-cylinder engine that runs on premium gasoline and a manual 5-speed transmission, the Cooper delivers an EPA-estimated 25 city/33 highway combined MPG. It also has an annual petroleum consumption of 10.63 barrels and emits 317.39 grams of CO2 per mile.

Despite its small size, the MINI Cooper offers a spacious and comfortable interior, with room for up to four passengers. The vehicle size class is minicompact, but it feels surprisingly roomy inside, especially with the rear seats folded down. The Cooper also has a distinctive retro-inspired design that sets it apart from other cars on the road.

In terms of performance, the 2003 MINI Cooper is a blast to drive. The front-wheel drive system provides excellent handling and agility, making it easy to navigate through tight city streets and winding roads. The Cooper is also surprisingly quick off the line, with a 0-60 mph time of around 8 seconds. This makes it a great option for drivers who want a fun and engaging driving experience without sacrificing fuel efficiency.

When it comes to cost, the 2003 MINI Cooper is a great value. According to the EPA, the annual fuel cost for the Cooper is $2,550, which is relatively low for a car in its class. Additionally, the Cooper has a You Save/Spend rating of -2250, which means that it costs less to operate than the average new vehicle over a five-year period.

Overall, the 2003 MINI Cooper is a great choice for anyone looking for a fun and efficient minicompact car. Its unique design, agile handling, and low operating costs make it a standout in its class.