The 1997 Suzuki Sidekick: A Reliable Off-Road Vehicle with Impressive Fuel Economy

The 1997 Suzuki Sidekick 4Door 4WD is a special purpose vehicle that is perfect for off-road adventures. With its 4-wheel or all-wheel drive and 4 cylinders, it is a reliable choice for those who love to explore the great outdoors. The engine displacement of 1.6 and fuel type of regular gasoline make it an economical option as well.

One of the most impressive features of the 1997 Suzuki Sidekick is its fuel economy. It gets 21 city mpg and 24 highway mpg for fuel type, with a combined mpg of 22. This means that you can save money on gas while still enjoying the thrill of off-road driving. Additionally, the annual fuel cost for this vehicle is only $2,650, making it an affordable choice for those who want to minimize their expenses.

Another important factor to consider is the environmental impact of the vehicle. The 1997 Suzuki Sidekick has a CO2 tailpipe for fuel type of 403.95454545454544, which is relatively low compared to other off-road vehicles. This means that you can enjoy your adventures without harming the environment.

Despite its impressive fuel economy, the 1997 Suzuki Sidekick does not sacrifice performance. Its manual 5-spd transmission enables you to have full control over the vehicle, making it easier to navigate through rough terrain. With its special purpose vehicle size class, the Sidekick is also spacious enough to accommodate all your gear and equipment.

If you're looking for a reliable off-road vehicle with impressive fuel economy, the 1997 Suzuki Sidekick is an excellent choice. With its 4-wheel or all-wheel drive, 4 cylinders, and economical fuel type, you can explore the great outdoors without breaking the bank.