The 1994 Ford Tempo: A Compact Car with Impressive Performance

The 1994 Ford Tempo is a compact car that was popular during its time. It boasts impressive performance, thanks to its front-wheel drive system, manual 5-speed transmission, and 6-cylinder 3.0 engine displacement. This combination provides a powerful and smooth ride, making it a great choice for those in search of a reliable and efficient vehicle.

The Ford Tempo's fuel type is regular gasoline, with a city MPG of 18 and a highway MPG of 26. The annual petroleum consumption is at 14.167142857142858 gallons, with a combined MPG of 21. The CO2 tailpipe for the fuel type is 423.1904761904762, while the CO2 fuel type is at -1. The vehicle size class is considered as a compact car.

When it comes to savings, the 1994 Ford Tempo has a negative value of -3250, which means that you will be spending more than saving in the long run. The annual fuel cost for this type of fuel is at $2750.

Although the Ford Tempo does not have advanced features such as start-stop, T charger, or electric motor, it still delivers great performance for a compact car. It has a range of 0, and its range city and range highway are both at 0.0. The ATV type is none, and the EPA fuel economy score and GHG score are both none as well.

Overall, the 1994 Ford Tempo is a reliable and efficient compact car that delivers impressive performance. It may not have advanced features, but it still provides a smooth and powerful ride. If you are in search of a budget-friendly vehicle that can get you from point A to point B, the Ford Tempo is definitely worth considering.