The 1989 Dodge AD100/AD150 Ramcharger 2WD: A Powerful and Spacious Special Purpose Vehicle

The 1989 Dodge AD100/AD150 Ramcharger 2WD is a special purpose vehicle that offers power, space, and versatility. With its rear-wheel drive, 8-cylinder engine, and 5.9 engine displacement, this Dodge model is a force to be reckoned with on the road.

Despite its power, the Ramcharger is surprisingly spacious, making it a great option for families or those in need of ample storage space. Its special purpose vehicle 2WD size class makes it perfect for off-roading and adventure, while its automatic 3-spd transmission ensures a smooth and easy ride.

The Ramcharger runs on regular gasoline, with a fuel type of -1 for CO2 emissions and a city mpg of 10. Its combined mpg for fuel type is 11, with a highway mpg of 12. The annual petroleum consumption for this model is 27.046 gallons, with an annual fuel cost of $5,300.

While the Ramcharger may not be the most eco-friendly option, its power and versatility make it a top choice for those in need of a reliable and spacious special purpose vehicle.