The 1987 Dodge Charger: A Subcompact Car with a Punch

The 1987 Dodge Charger was not your average subcompact car. With its powerful engine and sleek design, it stood out from the crowd. The Charger was a front-wheel drive vehicle with a 2.2-liter, 4-cylinder engine that could produce up to 93 horsepower. It had an automatic 3-speed transmission and ran on regular gasoline.

Despite its small size, the Charger was not lacking in features. It had a spacious interior with comfortable seats and a functional dashboard. The vehicle size class was subcompact cars, but it did not feel cramped. The Charger also had a decent fuel economy, with a combined mpg of 22 and a highway mpg of 25.

The Charger's annual fuel cost was $2,650, which was not bad for a car of its size and power. It had a CO2 tailpipe output of 403.95 grams per mile and an annual petroleum consumption of 13.52 barrels per year. These were respectable numbers for a car of its era.

The 1987 Dodge Charger was not only practical, but it was also fun to drive. It had a sporty suspension that made it handle well on the road. The Charger also had a unique design that made it stand out from other subcompact cars of its time.

If you are looking for a subcompact car with a punch, the 1987 Dodge Charger is worth considering. It may be an older model, but it still holds up well today.