The 1986 Mitsubishi Space Wagon: A Reliable Small Station Wagon with Front-Wheel Drive

The 1986 Mitsubishi Space Wagon is a small station wagon that offers reliability and efficiency to its owners. With its front-wheel drive and 4-cylinder engine, this vehicle is ideal for daily commutes and family trips.

One of the notable features of the 1986 Space Wagon is its fuel efficiency. It uses regular gasoline and has a combined MPG of 21, city MPG of 20, and highway MPG of 22. According to the EPA, the annual petroleum consumption is 14.17 gallons, and the estimated annual fuel cost is $2,750. This makes the Space Wagon an economical choice for those who want to save on fuel expenses.

The Space Wagon has an automatic 3-speed transmission and a 2.0 engine displacement. It has a vehicle size class of small station wagons and a EPA model type index of 49041. It also has a CO2 tailpipe emission of 423.19, which is lower than the average for its class.

In terms of environmental impact, the Space Wagon has a GHG score of None and a start-stop feature of None. It also has a T Charger and an electric motor of None. Although it does not have an electric component, it still has a low CO2 emission, making it an eco-friendly option among gasoline-powered vehicles.

The 1986 Space Wagon has a base model of Space Wagon and a MFR Coder and PHEV Blended of None. It also has a range of 0 and a range city and highway of 0.0. Furthermore, it has a You Save/Spend of -3250, which means that it is a cost-effective option for those who are looking for a reliable vehicle.

In summary, the 1986 Mitsubishi Space Wagon is a reliable small station wagon with front-wheel drive, good fuel efficiency, and low CO2 emission. It is a practical and economical option for those who want to save on fuel costs while still enjoying the benefits of having a spacious and versatile vehicle.