The 1986 Dodge B150/B250 Wagon 2WD: A Classic Rear-Wheel Drive Van

The 1986 Dodge B150/B250 Wagon 2WD is a classic van that was popular among families and businesses during the 80s. This rear-wheel drive van was known for its spacious interior, excellent towing capacity, and powerful 8-cylinder engine.

With an engine displacement of 5.2 liters, the B150/B250 Wagon 2WD was capable of producing 130 horsepower and 280 lb-ft of torque. It was equipped with an automatic 3-speed transmission that provided smooth and effortless shifting. The van was classified under the vehicle size class of Vans, and it could seat up to 15 passengers comfortably.

The B150/B250 Wagon 2WD was powered by regular gasoline, and it had an annual petroleum consumption of 24.7925 barrels. Its city MPG for fuel type was 11, while its highway MPG for fuel type was 13. The combined MPG for fuel type was 12. The van emitted 740.5833333333334 grams of CO2 tailpipe for fuel type.

The annual fuel cost for fuel type was $4,850, and the van had a You Save/Spend value of -$13,750. Although it may seem like a lot, the van's excellent towing capacity and spacious interior made it a worthwhile investment for businesses and families alike.

The 1986 Dodge B150/B250 Wagon 2WD did not have any electric components, and it did not have a start-stop or T charger feature. It also did not have any EPA fuel economy score or GHG score.

Overall, the 1986 Dodge B150/B250 Wagon 2WD is a classic van that is still highly sought after by collectors and enthusiasts. Its powerful engine, excellent towing capacity, and spacious interior make it a great choice for families and businesses alike.