The 1984 Dodge Aries: A Midsize Car with Efficient Performance

The 1984 Dodge Aries is a midsize car that was popular during its time due to its efficient performance. The Aries was manufactured by Chrysler Corporation under the Dodge brand. This model year of the Aries was equipped with a 2.2-liter, 4-cylinder engine that ran on regular gasoline. The engine was paired with an automatic 3-speed transmission, making it an easy car to drive.

The Aries had a combined fuel efficiency of 21 miles per gallon (MPG), with city and highway MPG ratings of 20 and 24, respectively. The annual petroleum consumption for this car was 14.17 barrels, making it an eco-friendly option for its time. The CO2 tailpipe for this fuel type was 423.19 grams per mile, which was also a low emission rating.

The Aries was classified as a midsize car and belonged to the midsize car vehicle size class. It had an EPA model type index of 2115, which indicated that it was a well-designed car that met federal emission standards. The annual fuel cost for this car was $2750, which was a reasonable price for a midsize car in 1984.

The Aries had a few drawbacks, however, such as the lack of a drive system and the absence of a PHEV blended option. Additionally, the Aries did not have any MPG data available, which made it difficult to compare with other cars in its class. However, the Aries was a reliable car that provided good value for its price.

In terms of savings, the Aries was not the best option, as it had a negative "you save/spend" value of -$3250. This meant that the Aries was more expensive to own and maintain than the average midsize car.

Overall, the 1984 Dodge Aries was a midsize car that provided efficient performance, low emissions, and good value for its price. While it had a few drawbacks, it was a reliable car that was popular during its time.