The 1984 Buick Skyhawk Wagon: A Classic Small Station Wagon

The 1984 Buick Skyhawk Wagon is a classic small station wagon that was popular for its sleek design and compact size. This vehicle was manufactured by General Motors and was part of the Buick Skyhawk series, which was produced from 1975 to 1989.

The Skyhawk Wagon was powered by a 1.8-liter, 4-cylinder engine with a displacement of 110 cubic inches. It had an automatic 3-speed transmission and was available in a front-wheel drive. The fuel type used by the Skyhawk Wagon was regular gasoline, and it had a combined fuel efficiency of 24 mpg, with 21 mpg in the city and 29 mpg on the highway.

The Skyhawk Wagon was classified as a small station wagon and had a vehicle size class index of 4203. It had a CO2 tailpipe emission rating of 370.29 g/mi and an annual petroleum consumption of 12.4 barrels per year. The annual fuel cost for the Skyhawk Wagon was $2,400.

One of the Skyhawk Wagon's unique features was its spacious interior, which could comfortably seat up to five passengers. It also had a large cargo area, which made it a popular choice for families who needed extra space for their luggage and other gear.

Despite its small size, the Skyhawk Wagon was known for its reliability and durability. It was a well-built car that could withstand the wear and tear of daily use. The Skyhawk Wagon was also an affordable option compared to other small station wagons in its class, making it a popular choice for budget-conscious buyers.

In terms of safety, the Skyhawk Wagon was equipped with standard safety features such as seat belts and airbags. However, it did not have any advanced safety features that are commonly found in modern cars.

Overall, the 1984 Buick Skyhawk Wagon is a classic small station wagon that is still beloved by many car enthusiasts today. Its sleek design, spacious interior, and reliable performance make it a timeless classic that will always be remembered.