Pininfarina Spider 1985: A Classic Two-Seater Car

The Pininfarina Spider is a classic two-seater car that was manufactured in Italy by Pininfarina between 1983 and 1985. The Spider was based on the Fiat 124 Sport Spider, but with a redesigned body made of fiberglass. The car was designed to be lightweight and sporty, with a rear-wheel drive and a manual 5-speed transmission. The Pininfarina Spider was equipped with a 2.0-liter 4-cylinder engine, which was capable of producing 102 horsepower.

The Pininfarina Spider was a fuel-efficient car, with a combined MPG of 22. The car had a city MPG of 20 and a highway MPG of 26. The annual petroleum consumption of the car was 13.523 gallons, and the annual fuel cost was $2650. The car had a CO2 tailpipe emission of 403.95 grams per mile and a fuel economy score of None.

The Pininfarina Spider was a popular car among sports car enthusiasts due to its light weight and sporty design. The car was also equipped with several features that made it comfortable to drive, such as power windows, power mirrors, and a leather-wrapped steering wheel.

However, the Pininfarina Spider was not without its flaws. The car had a small trunk and only had two seats, which limited its practicality. Additionally, the car's fiberglass body was prone to cracking and fading over time.

The Pininfarina Spider was sold for a base price of $14,995 in 1985, which is equivalent to approximately $36,000 in today's dollars. However, buyers could save up to $2750 on the car's purchase price by taking advantage of manufacturer rebates and incentives.

Overall, the Pininfarina Spider was a classic two-seater car that was popular among sports car enthusiasts. The car's lightweight design, fuel efficiency, and sporty features made it a favorite among drivers. Despite its flaws, the Pininfarina Spider remains a desirable car among collectors and enthusiasts.