MINI Cooper Roadster 2012: A Compact Sports Car for Thrill-Seekers

MINI Cooper Roadster 2012, a two-seater convertible sports car, is a perfect choice for those who seek an exciting driving experience. With its front-wheel drive and manual 6-speed transmission, it offers a sporty ride for thrill-seekers. Let's take a closer look at its specifications.

Under the hood, the Cooper Roadster is powered by a 1.6-liter 4-cylinder engine that runs on premium gasoline. Its engine displacement and fuel type make it an efficient and reliable car. The EPA model type index of 43 and the annual petroleum consumption of 9.917 also indicate its fuel efficiency.

The car's size class is two-seaters, which means it is perfect for couples or individuals who enjoy solo driving. The model year 2012 offers a sleek and modern design that stands out on the road. The base model is Roadster, which is a popular choice for MINI enthusiasts.

In terms of performance, the Cooper Roadster offers impressive numbers. Its city MPG for fuel type is 27, and the highway MPG for fuel type is 34. The combined MPG for fuel type is 30, which is higher than the average for sports cars. The Co2 tailpipe for fuel type is 296.23333333333335, which is also impressive for a sports car.

The annual fuel cost for fuel type is $2400, which is reasonable considering the car's performance and fuel efficiency. The "You Save/Spend" parameter is negative, which means the Cooper Roadster is a cost-effective car in the long run.

The Cooper Roadster 2012 does not have electric motor options, but it is still a great choice for those who prefer gasoline-powered cars. The range, range city, and range highway parameters are all zero, which means the car is not designed for long-distance travel. However, it is perfect for short trips and city driving.

In conclusion, the MINI Cooper Roadster 2012 is a compact sports car that offers a thrilling driving experience. Its fuel efficiency, performance, and design make it a popular choice for MINI enthusiasts and thrill-seekers. If you're looking for a fun and efficient car, the Cooper Roadster might be the perfect fit for you.