Land Rover Range Rover 2000: A Luxury SUV with Impressive Off-Road Capabilities

The Land Rover Range Rover 2000 is a luxury SUV that can easily take on off-road challenges. It is a 4-wheel drive vehicle powered by an 8-cylinder 4.0 engine that runs on premium gasoline. This SUV boasts an impressive annual petroleum consumption of 22.88 MPG, with a city MPG of 12 and a highway MPG of 16.

The Range Rover 2000 has a vehicle size class of Sport Utility Vehicle - 4WD and comes with an automatic 4-speed transmission. Its CO2 tailpipe for fuel type is 683.62, which is relatively low compared to other luxury SUVs in its category. Furthermore, its annual fuel cost for fuel type is $5,500, making it an affordable option for those who want a luxury SUV without breaking the bank.

This SUV is built for off-road adventures, thanks to its 4-wheel drive and all-wheel drive capabilities. It has an impressive start-stop feature that enhances fuel efficiency and reduces emissions. The Range Rover 2000 also boasts a GHG score and an EPA fuel economy score, although the exact numbers are not available.

The Land Rover Range Rover 2000 comes with a base model that includes a range of impressive features. These features include leather seats, a premium sound system, and a sunroof. Additionally, it has a spacious interior that can accommodate up to 5 passengers comfortably.

Overall, the Land Rover Range Rover 2000 is a luxury SUV that offers impressive off-road capabilities. It is a perfect car for those who want to explore the great outdoors while still enjoying the luxury and comfort of a high-end SUV.