Get to Know the 2017 BMW 328d xDrive

  • Oct 14, 2023

  • BMW

Are you looking for a luxurious and efficient compact car? Look no further than the 2017 BMW 328d xDrive. This all-wheel drive vehicle boasts a 2.0-liter 4-cylinder diesel engine, automatic transmission, and a sleek design.

Not only is the 328d xDrive powerful and stylish, it also has impressive fuel efficiency. With a combined mpg of 34 and city mpg of 30, this car will save you money at the pump. The annual fuel cost for diesel fuel type is $2050, which is lower compared to other vehicles in this class. The annual petroleum consumption is 10.5 barrels, which is quite low. Additionally, the Co2 emissions are also low, with a score of 303.

The 328d xDrive is classified as a compact car, but don't let its size fool you. This vehicle has a spacious and well-appointed interior, with features like leather seats, a sunroof, and a premium sound system. It also has a number of standard safety features, such as anti-lock brakes, stability control, and airbags.

If you're interested in the 328d xDrive, you can expect to spend around $250 less per year on fuel costs compared to other vehicles in its class. And with a GHG score of 7 and an EPA fuel economy score of 8, you can feel good about choosing a car that is both environmentally friendly and cost-effective.

So why not consider the 2017 BMW 328d xDrive for your next car purchase? The combination of luxury, efficiency, and affordability make it a smart choice for anyone in the market for a new vehicle.