Discover the Smart Fortwo Coupe: A Stylish and Efficient Two-Seater Car

If you're looking for an efficient and stylish two-seater car, the Smart Fortwo Coupe might be the perfect choice for you. This model year 2009 car comes with rear-wheel drive, a 1.0-liter engine, and an automatic transmission (AM5). It runs on premium gasoline, and its fuel efficiency is impressive, with 33 city and 41 highway miles per gallon.

The Smart Fortwo Coupe is classified as a two-seater vehicle, which makes it ideal for city driving and commuting. It has a unique design that combines functionality with style, and its compact size allows you to park it in tight spots. You'll also save money on fuel costs, with an annual fuel consumption of 8.26 barrels of petroleum and an estimated annual fuel cost of $2,000.

The car's engine has three cylinders and a displacement of 1.0 liters, which means it's not the most powerful car out there, but it's perfect for everyday use. The Smart Fortwo Coupe has a combined fuel efficiency of 36 miles per gallon, which is impressive considering its size and weight.

In terms of environmental impact, the Smart Fortwo Coupe has a CO2 tailpipe emission of 246.86 grams per mile, which is relatively low compared to other cars in its class. It's also worth noting that this car doesn't have an electric motor, so it doesn't qualify as a plug-in hybrid or electric vehicle.

Overall, the Smart Fortwo Coupe is a great choice for those who prioritize fuel efficiency, style, and functionality. You'll enjoy driving this car in the city, as it's easy to maneuver and park. Plus, you'll save money on fuel costs and contribute to a cleaner environment.