Discover the Classic Chevrolet Suburban K10 4WD from 1984

If you are a fan of classic cars, the Chevrolet Suburban K10 4WD from 1984 is a model that you cannot ignore. This special purpose vehicle 4WD provides a powerful driving performance that is perfect for off-road adventures.

Under the hood, the Suburban K10 4WD is equipped with an 8-cylinder 6.2L diesel engine that delivers impressive power and torque. The automatic 4-speed transmission provides a smooth ride and easy handling. The 4-wheel or all-wheel drive option ensures that the vehicle can handle any terrain with ease.

Although this behemoth might not be the most fuel-efficient car on the market, it is still a great choice for those who prioritize power and performance. The city mpg for fuel type is 15, while the highway mpg is 20. The annual petroleum consumption is 22.3246875, and the co2 tailpipe for fuel type is 636.25. The annual fuel cost for fuel type is 4350.

The Suburban K10 4WD has a unique and classic design that is instantly recognizable. It has a spacious interior that can accommodate up to 9 passengers, making it perfect for family trips. The vehicle size class is a special purpose vehicle 4WD, which means that it is designed for off-road use.

If you are looking for a classic car that offers both power and style, the Chevrolet Suburban K10 4WD from 1984 is definitely worth considering. Despite its age, this vehicle still has a lot to offer, and it is a true testament to Chevrolet's commitment to quality and durability.