Acura TLX Type-S Perf Tire: A Compact Car with Powerful Performance

Acura is a well-known and respected brand in the automotive industry, offering a wide range of luxury vehicles. The Acura TLX Type-S Perf Tire is a compact car with all-wheel drive, equipped with a powerful 6-cylinder engine and automatic transmission (S10). The 2022 model year is the latest addition to the TLX lineup, offering premium gasoline fuel type for a sporty and efficient ride.

One of the key features of the TLX Type-S Perf Tire is its impressive performance capabilities. With a 3.0-liter engine displacement and 421 CO2 emissions, this compact car can reach up to 24 highway MPG and 19 city MPG for fuel type. The EPA fuel economy score and GHG score are both 4, indicating an environmentally friendly and efficient ride. Additionally, the TLX Type-S Perf Tire has a start-stop feature and a T charger, making it a convenient and practical choice for drivers.

Despite its compact size, the TLX Type-S Perf Tire has a spacious interior and a range of advanced safety features. The annual petroleum consumption is 14.167 gallons, and the annual fuel cost is $3,400. The combined electricity consumption is 0.0, indicating that this model does not have an electric motor. The range is also 0, making this model ideal for short daily commutes rather than long road trips.

Overall, the Acura TLX Type-S Perf Tire is a high-performance compact car that offers a balance of power, efficiency, and practicality. With its stylish design, advanced safety features, and impressive performance capabilities, this model is suitable for drivers who seek a luxurious and sporty driving experience.