A Look Into the 1999 GMC Sonoma 4WD: A Powerful Standard Pickup Truck

  • Oct 17, 2023

  • GMC

The 1999 GMC Sonoma 4WD is a standard pickup truck that offers power and performance. With a 4.3 engine displacement and 6 cylinders, this vehicle is designed to handle tough terrains and heavy loads. The 4-wheel or all-wheel drive capability allows for better traction and stability, making it a reliable choice for any job.

This vehicle runs on regular gasoline and has a manual 5-spd transmission. Its fuel efficiency is 15 mpg in the city and 20 mpg on the highway, with a combined mpg of 17. While the annual petroleum consumption is 17.500588235294117, the CO2 tailpipe for fuel type is 522.7647058823529. The annual fuel cost for this vehicle is around 3400 dollars.

The 1999 GMC Sonoma 4WD is a standard pickup truck that belongs to the vehicle size class. It has a You Save/Spend of -6500 dollars, making it a more affordable option for those looking for a used vehicle.

While this vehicle may not have all the latest technology features, it is a reliable and powerful option for those in need of a standard pickup truck. Its base model is the Sonoma, and it does not have any electric motor or start-stop feature. The EPA fuel economy score and GHG score are not available for this vehicle.