A Look at the 1988 BMW 5 Series: A Classic Car with Impressive Performance

  • Oct 15, 2023

  • BMW

The 1988 BMW 5 Series is a classic car that still impresses car enthusiasts today. With its rear-wheel drive and powerful 6-cylinder engine, this car offers a thrilling ride that is hard to match. Its compact size class makes it a practical choice for city driving, while its automatic 4-speed transmission ensures a smooth and effortless ride.

Despite its age, the 1988 BMW 5 Series still holds up when it comes to performance. Its engine displacement of 3.4 liters and fuel type of regular gasoline allow for an impressive combined MPG of 17. While the city MPG for this car is 15 and the highway MPG is 20, it still manages to save drivers money in terms of annual fuel costs with a reported cost of $3,400.

When it comes to emissions, the 1988 BMW 5 Series is not the most environmentally friendly car on the road. Its CO2 tailpipe for fuel type is 522.76, and it has an annual petroleum consumption of 17.5 gallons. However, these numbers are to be expected for a car of its age and class.

Despite its flaws, the 1988 BMW 5 Series is still a beloved classic car that is both practical and exhilarating to drive. Its annual savings of $6,500 make it a smart choice for those looking for a reliable car that is also fun to drive.