A Comprehensive Review of the 1996 Ford Aerostar Wagon: Specs, Features, and Performance

The 1996 Ford Aerostar Wagon is a classic van that still holds up as a reliable and practical vehicle for families and businesses. With rear-wheel drive and a 3.0-liter 6-cylinder engine that runs on regular gasoline, this van delivers a smooth and comfortable ride with a decent amount of power.

The Aerostar Wagon has an automatic 4-speed transmission and a vehicle size class of vans, making it ideal for transporting passengers and cargo. It offers a combined fuel economy of 17 mpg, with 15 mpg in the city and 21 mpg on the highway. While these numbers may not be as impressive as some newer models, they are still respectable for a van of this size and age.

In terms of emissions and environmental impact, the Aerostar Wagon has a Co2 tailpipe rating of 522.76 and an annual fuel cost of $3,400. While these numbers may not be perfect, they are still within reasonable limits for a van of this era.

One downside to the Aerostar Wagon is its lack of modern features. It does not have electric or hybrid options, and its range is limited to around 300 miles on a full tank of gas. It also does not have any advanced safety features, such as blind-spot monitoring or lane departure warning.

However, the Aerostar Wagon makes up for its lack of modern features with its spacious interior and practical design. It can seat up to seven passengers comfortably, with ample room for luggage and cargo. The rear seats can be removed for even more space, making it a versatile vehicle for families and businesses alike.

Overall, the 1996 Ford Aerostar Wagon may not be the flashiest or most advanced van on the market, but it is still a solid and reliable choice for those in need of a practical and spacious vehicle.