A Closer Look at the 2010 BMW 528i xDrive: An All-Wheel Drive Midsize Car with Impressive Features

  • Oct 21, 2023

  • BMW

If you're in the market for a midsize car that boasts both luxury and performance, the 2010 BMW 528i xDrive might just be the perfect fit for you. This all-wheel drive vehicle comes with a range of impressive features that make it stand out from other midsize cars on the market.

Under the hood, you'll find a powerful 3.0-liter, 6-cylinder engine that delivers a smooth and agile driving experience. With a manual 6-speed transmission, you'll be in complete control of the car's performance. The BMW 528i xDrive is also fuel-efficient, with a combined MPG for fuel type of 20 and an annual petroleum consumption of 14.8755.

The 2010 BMW 528i xDrive also boasts a sleek and stylish exterior design, with a body size that fits comfortably into the midsize car class. This vehicle comes equipped with a range of safety features, including anti-lock brakes, stability control, and front and side airbags. The BMW 528i xDrive also has a GHG score of none, making it an environmentally friendly car choice.

One of the most impressive features of the BMW 528i xDrive is its all-wheel drive capability. This means that the car is able to handle all types of weather and terrain, making it a reliable option for any driver. Whether you're navigating through snow, rain, or mud, the BMW 528i xDrive will keep you safe and in control.

While the BMW 528i xDrive comes with a higher price tag than some other midsize cars, it's important to note that the vehicle offers excellent value for money. With a range of impressive features and a long list of benefits, this car is a wise investment for anyone who values performance, luxury, and reliability.