2021 GMC Canyon 4WD - A Small Pickup Truck with Big Capabilities

  • Oct 15, 2023

  • GMC

If you are looking for a small pickup truck that can handle big tasks, the 2021 GMC Canyon 4WD is definitely worth considering. With its 4-wheel drive system, powerful diesel engine, and spacious cargo bed, this truck can handle various terrains and heavy loads.

Let's start with the engine. The Canyon 4WD is equipped with a 2.8-liter 4-cylinder diesel engine that delivers 181 horsepower and 369 lb-ft of torque. This engine is paired with a 6-speed automatic transmission, which provides smooth and efficient shifting. Thanks to its diesel fuel type, the Canyon 4WD has an impressive fuel economy rating of 22 combined MPG, which can save you money on gas in the long run.

The 4-wheel drive system is another highlight of the Canyon 4WD. It provides excellent traction and stability on different surfaces, including mud, snow, and sand. Additionally, the Canyon 4WD has a towing capacity of up to 7,700 pounds, which is more than enough for most hauling needs. The cargo bed is also spacious, measuring 5'2" in length and 44.4 inches between the wheel wells.

In terms of safety, the Canyon 4WD comes with a range of advanced features, including forward collision alert, lane departure warning, and rear park assist. The truck also has a sturdy frame and reinforced safety cage that can protect you and your passengers in case of a collision.

As for the interior, the Canyon 4WD has a comfortable and functional cabin that can accommodate up to five passengers. The seats are supportive and offer ample headroom and legroom. The dashboard and center console are well-designed and user-friendly, with a touchscreen infotainment system that supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Overall, the 2021 GMC Canyon 4WD is a versatile and capable small pickup truck that can handle various tasks and terrain. With its powerful diesel engine, 4-wheel drive system, and spacious cargo bed, it's a great choice for drivers who need a reliable and efficient truck for work or play.