2014 Honda Crosstour 4WD: A Review of a Small Sport Utility Vehicle with All-Wheel Drive

The 2014 Honda Crosstour 4WD is a small sport utility vehicle that offers all-wheel drive. With a V6 engine and 3.5-liter displacement, this vehicle packs a punch. It has an automatic (S6) transmission and is fueled by regular gasoline.

The Crosstour 4WD is classified as a small sport utility vehicle and has a combined MPG of 22. It has a city MPG of 19 and a highway MPG of 27. The annual petroleum consumption is 13.52 barrels, and the CO2 fuel type emissions are 406 grams per mile. The annual fuel cost for this vehicle is estimated to be $2,650.

One of the best features of the Crosstour 4WD is its all-wheel drive capability. This feature provides better traction and control on slippery roads, making it a good choice for those who live in areas with harsh winter weather.

Another great feature of the Crosstour 4WD is its spacious interior. It comfortably seats five passengers and has ample cargo space. The vehicle also comes equipped with a rearview camera and Bluetooth connectivity.

Despite its many positive features, the Crosstour 4WD does have some drawbacks. The vehicle's design is polarizing and may not appeal to everyone. Additionally, the fuel economy could be better compared to other vehicles in its class.

Overall, the 2014 Honda Crosstour 4WD is a solid choice for those in the market for a small sport utility vehicle with all-wheel drive. Its spacious interior and all-wheel drive capability make it a great choice for families, while its V6 engine provides plenty of power for those who want a little more excitement on the road.