1988 Dodge Dakota Cab Chassis 2WD: A Reliable Workhorse

The 1988 Dodge Dakota Cab Chassis 2WD is a robust, reliable truck that can handle heavy workloads with ease. This special-purpose vehicle 2WD model, with a rear-wheel-drive system, is powered by a 3.9-liter, 6-cylinder engine that offers a displacement of 3.9 liters. The vehicle runs on regular gasoline and comes with an automatic 3-speed transmission.

The 1988 Dodge Dakota Cab Chassis 2WD is an ideal choice for those who need a workhorse that can handle tough jobs. It has a fuel economy of 14 MPG in the city and 17 MPG on the highway, with a combined fuel economy of 15 MPG. The annual petroleum consumption is 19.834 gallons, with an annual fuel cost of $3900. The CO2 tailpipe emissions are 592.4666666666667, and the fuel economy score, GHG score, start-stop, and T charger are all not available.

The truck has a range of 0 miles, with no electric motor or MFR coder. The base model is the Dakota Cab Chassis. The combined electricity consumption, city electricity consumption, and highway electricity consumption are all 0.0 kWh. The vehicle also does not have a PHEV blended or an ATV type.

Despite the limited features, the 1988 Dodge Dakota Cab Chassis 2WD is a reliable and durable vehicle that gets the job done. The truck's special purpose and rear-wheel-drive system make it ideal for heavy-duty workloads. The vehicle's 6-cylinder engine provides ample power and torque, and the automatic 3-speed transmission ensures smooth shifting.

In terms of savings, the 1988 Dodge Dakota Cab Chassis 2WD may not be the best option. The You Save/Spend value is -9000, indicating that the vehicle may cost more in the long run due to its lower fuel efficiency.

Overall, the 1988 Dodge Dakota Cab Chassis 2WD is a solid choice for those who need a reliable workhorse. Its simple yet sturdy design and powerful engine make it a great option for heavy-duty workloads.