1986 GMC C25 Pickup 2WD: A Classic Standard Pickup Truck

  • Oct 21, 2023

  • GMC

If you're a fan of classic standard pickup trucks, you might want to take a closer look at the 1986 GMC C25 Pickup 2WD. This truck, which belongs to the standard pickup trucks vehicle size class, has been around for decades and has proven to be reliable and sturdy.

Under the hood of the 1986 GMC C25 Pickup 2WD is a 6-cylinder 4.3 engine displacement that runs on regular gasoline. It has a rear-wheel drive and an automatic 4-spd transmission that makes shifting gears a breeze. With a combined mpg of 16, city mpg of 15, and highway mpg of 17, this truck isn't exactly known for being fuel-efficient. Its annual petroleum consumption is at 18.594375, and its annual fuel cost is at $3,650.

While this truck may not be the most eco-friendly option in the market, it doesn't mean that it doesn't have redeeming qualities. For one, it has a solid build that can withstand years of use. It also has a You Save/Spend value of -$7,750, which means that it's one of the more affordable options in its class.

However, if you're looking for a truck that's more eco-friendly, the 1986 GMC C25 Pickup 2WD may not be the best option for you. It has a CO2 tailpipe for fuel type value of 555.4375 and a CO2 fuel type value of -1. It also doesn't have any data for its EPA fuel economy score, GHG score, start-stop feature, and T charger.

In terms of charging options, the 1986 GMC C25 Pickup 2WD doesn't have an electric motor, and it doesn't have any data for its city, combined, and highway electricity consumption. It also doesn't have a range, range city, range highway, ATV type, EPA model type index, and MFR coder.

Despite its lack of eco-friendly features, the 1986 GMC C25 Pickup 2WD remains a classic option for those who value reliability and sturdiness. Its base model is a pickup, which means that it's perfect for hauling heavy loads. Plus, it has a timeless design that looks great on the road.